Book Review: London Calling by A.C.

London Calling by A.C. Merkel
2nd book in Lady Dreamscapes series
Genres : Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Science-Fiction
Publication date : 26th October 2020
Pages : 282

Visions, it seems like everyone is having them.
Anne, Murder, and Levi all share a vision across the Atlantic Ocean and 485 years.
Time and space are crying out, London is Calling.
The future is in peril, Alice Noble…
An impossible structure…
New York is burning…
In the past?
Anne is facing her own execution and the peril of yet another stillborn child.
Only the Boleyn Triumvirate hold the power that could save her and the unborn Alice, But
will Mary and George cooperate? Can Mary be trusted?
In the present?
Time traveler “Eustace Black” May very well be the mouthpiece of the Holy Roman Empire.
Tress is charged with figuring out his plan so The Nobles can go to London to meet the tragic
and mysterious “watchmaker”. The only magic user who can help them get to the truth.
Murder must face her past once more, up close and in person, as she races the clock to find
out what really happened to her mother.
London Calling yes I was there too, and you know what they said? Well, some of it was true.

Series Overview:
We have existed in the shadows of your world for all of history.
The blessed, the cursed, the mages and the witches.
Sometimes you choose to ignore us.
Sometimes we cover it up.
We keep our heads down, lest you lot make them roll.
Additional information/Trigger warning : religious history, domestic violence,
miscarriage/stillbirth, mention of historical slavery, suicide and assisted suicide.


In London Calling I got everything I wanted to get in a book. It is so violin-tly clever and you have to read this series to get what I mean by that. A.C. Merkel mastered using details that make those books so brilliant and when you notice them you gonna appreciate them so much.

As I love everything connected to time travel, I was so thrilled to find such a diverse book with this trope. It gave me a little Dr Who vibes but it’s even more magical. I really enjoyed reading about Tudor era as I’m big fan of historical book set in England. This book literally contains all of my favorite things.

I think there’s no way to not love Murder, the main character. She’s my favorite character but I had to said it was hard to choose between her and Grant.

The story is full of action and I was hooked from the first pages of the first book and I’m so glad that I had opportunity to read both of them. Honestly I didn’t even notice how fast I managed to read both of them and I would gladly read more.

Before reading this book I was a little concerned because of the trigger warnings and wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t be too much for me but personally I didn’t have problem with reading through any of those scenes and mentions. But if someone is very sensitive to those topics, they should take them into consideration.

I definitely would recommend this book (and whole series) to people who are looking for diversity in book, especially if they are fans of time travels.

Many thanks to Booktamins for ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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Author Bio
Author A.C. Merkel is a Mechanic in Birmingham Alabama.
Formerly lead Singer in local and regional bands.
Known to friends as Drew.
Drew uses his former experience as stage crew for concerts to bring a very real edge to the
magical musical lead character in the Lady Dreamscapes Series. Fan of authors such as Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, CS Lewis. And influenced by television creatives Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Firefly) and Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis- Dark Matter) he brings charming/sarcastic wit and found family to his magical musical books. Drew is a founding member of Queer Indie.

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